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Kaizo Slumber is a rave revival/nu-breaks/whatever the fuck musical project which started in late 2020 by Libyan-German electronic music, pseudonymously known as Kaizo Ziad. The project was born out of a love for all styles of hardcore electronic dance music, whether it's old school, new school; whether it was the melodiousness of happy hardcore or the blistering and uncompromising sound of gabber. Above all else, the project is a reaction against the predominantly cynical and overly ironic nature of internet music scenes and styles; choosing to fully embrace the idealism of the future of '90s and early 2000s consumer electronics and video game aesthetics and with an appreciation for the pseudo-realistic computer generated visuals of the era.

He had been creating music under the moniker 'Acetantina' since 2016, creating various styles of experimental electronic music such as vaporwave, chiptune, glitch, footwork, etc. One album of note from the Acetantina name was the 2020 project 'Temple of Null' which fused glitchy footwork beats with vaporwave melodies and production. This album would propel the musician into quasi-notoriety in online electronic music.

Starting in late 2020, the musician behind Temple of Null decided to rebrand and start an entire new monikor 'Kaizo Slumber,' which saught to combine older rave music styles with the video game OST sensibilities of the N64/Saturn/PS1 era as well as modern hardcore EDM production and accessibility. On February 2021, 'Kaizo Demos, Vol. 1: My Friend Torimoti' was released with No Agreements and it was the world's introduction to the new Kaizo sound, which utilized soundfonts and synths reminiscent of N64 classics with enthralling amen breaks and glossy melodies and production. In March of the same year, 'Kaizo Demos, Vol. 2: Hologram Splendor' was released, integrating a much more energetic and hardcore sound than the previous EP.

Two more Kaizo Demos are set to be released soon this year on No Agreements.

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